Our Products
  1. Main Low Voltage Switchboards in forms 2,3 and 4 constructions, including Fixed and Draw out type. Up to 4000A, below 1000V, 50/60 Hz
  2. Sub Main Boards
  3. Final Consumer Distribution Boards
  4. Power Control Centres
  5. Motor Control Centres, Fixed and Draw out type.
  6. Automatic Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks
  7. ATS / AMF Panels
  8. Variable Frequency Drive Panels
  9. Soft start Control Panels
  10. PLC and SCADA Control Panels
  11. Alarm annunciator Panels
  12. Control Desks
  13. HVAC Panels
  14. Pump control panels for all applications
  15. Metering panels
  16. Lighting Control Panels
  17. Feeder Pillars and Street Lighting Panels
  18. Crane Control Panels